Dear Sir or Madam

Xydos is a global, multinational and multicultural company, since many years we deliver training and offer advisory and consulting services all over the world.

Xydos employees are always determined to deliver the highest quality services, share the knowledge and experience, help to find the optimal solution.

We are domain experts in the following subjects

  • Xydos financial services department:
    • Financial training
    • Market risk management
    • Risk modeling and analysis
    • Financial instruments valuation
    • Financial investments
  • Xydos training department:
    • General finance
    • Risk management
    • Data analysis
    • Advanced analytics
    • MS Excel
    • Technology standards
    • Systems modeling
    • SAS software
  • Xydos professional services department:
    • Financial management
    • Risk management
    • Advanced analytics
    • Customer management
    • Data integration
    • Business intelligence
    • Software development

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